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    Multimodal (combined) transportation — a phased delivery of one cargo with several types of transport. For example, at first cargo is delivered with aircraft, then sent by railroad, and finally transported to the final destination with truck. Depending on logistical tasks, options can be combined making smoothly operating «chain».

    Multimodal Transportation

    The best option for customers — the «chain» from the beginning to the end is controlled by a single operator by single contract without the involvement of third parties. This «one operator only» approach favorably affects the cost of the work, frees customers from the paperwork, eases the planning of routes and significantly accelerates the delivery of cargo in general.

    Development of routes in the multimodal transportation requires not only high professionalism, but also an individual approach. Air freight is the best way to transport perishable products, although it is more expensive. In cases where the speed of supply is not that important, it is preferable to use more economical types: sea freight and road freight.

    In most cases, raw materials are transported in containers, but some cargoes (such as lumber) require special equipment (in this case — eurotrucks or roll-trailers). Working through these (and many others) nuances is necessary to deliver various raw materials on time.


    We organize container and other types of multimodal transportation, taking full responsibility for the safety of cargo during the delivery. Among our services you will find:

    • development of optimal schemes of delivery for each cargo using all types of transport — sea, air, road and rail;
    • qualified work with all varieties of goods — oversized, large-capacity, explosive, perishable, fragile or of high value;
    • packaging and prompt delivery of cargoes, as well as the gentle delivery of general cargo of any size, including «complex» non-standard cargoes;
    • providing clear and smooth coordination between all participants involved in transportation;
    • selection of suitable containers for each cargo according to its specificity — containers, tanks, roll-trailers, trailers, etc .;
    • cargo tracking at every stage of the multimodal transportation with the help of modern satellite tracking systems and regular reports to clients;
    • preparation of the necessary documents, cooperation with the customs services;
    • high quality and timely information support for customers, as well as consultations on all matters related with multimodal transportation.