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    NVOCC means Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier. NVOCC books large quantity of space with ship and sells space to shippers in smaller amounts. NVOCC consolidate small shipments of LCL (less container load) and issues HBL (House Bill of Lading). NVOCC also undertake the services provided by a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is not typically a carrier buy act as a ‘carrier ‘legally as per Multi Model Transport Document Act. He is an expert in Supply chain management. A freight forwarder books large number of containers and sells to shippers with lesser rate. Each freight forwarder has their overseas counter part to handle each shipment. This helps the shipper and consignee for smooth handling of cargo compared to the service of direct shipping carriers. A freight forwarder also under take inland movements, arrange insurance on behalf clients, undertake the activities of customs clearance etc. In short, a freight forwarder undertake all business activities between a buyer and seller.

    Transatlantic Inc. provides Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) services to our customers to leverage their cargo movements around the globe.

    You completely trust our NVO services tailored to certain requirements on timing, cargo size, and equipment. We are not limited to traditional NVO Services by offering a lot of value-added services based on the foundation of advanced supply chain management systems. Customers not only use customs clearance and trucking service but also performance monitoring of carriers/service providers, management reports, exception management.

    With leading-edge information technology in shipping and logistics industry, we provide end-to-end visibility along the entire supply chain with automated real time information. You easily know your cargo status, cost, business pattern, exceptions; and hence control and improve your supply chain.