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    Transportation of Project cargoes

    Transportation of Project cargoes (oversized or heavy cargoes) is a complicated and fairly expensive kind of transportation. It requires special equipment, highly skilled drivers and a specific set of accompanying documents.

    Our company will help you to make the transportation of Project cargoes easy and convenient. You need to transport bulky goods by road for a short distance or by railway on a long distances then our specialists will always come to help you.

    What refers to the oversized cargo?

    The list of goods that are transported by our company:

    • Any construction equipment
    • Large agricultural machinery
    • Industrial equipment
    • Long loads
    • Cargoes with large diameter
    • Parts of house designs and much more

    How are Project cargoes transported?

    Our specialists determine the weight of the load, choose the appropriate transport, and develop the best transportation route. They plan the mounting scheme, slinging and stowage of cargo on the vehicle (it is especially important when you need to transport a heavy cargo), and choose an appropriate fixture.

    We develop accompanying documentation, coordinate the route of Project cargo transportation, and obtain all the necessary permits. We also can arrange escort of your cargo by patrol car at a necessity. Our specialists will compulsorily insure your cargo from any possible damage, control loading of your Project cargo into the vehicle and escort it all the destination.