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    Our company’s vision  is not to restrict itself to certain routes or transportation methods. We exercise individual approach towards all our clients  and each of their shipments, trying to find the most convenient  and advantageous method of delivery. It is impossible and even  inefficient to support the actual rates of cargo shipping by different  transport means from most cities of the world.

    In this global inter-linked era, we use the strength of our worldwide  network to link up business opportunities for our customers.

    Our vision comprises following main principals we are devoted  to:

    • keep our customer at the first place;
    • take our customer as development resource;
    • provide good quality quick and safe service to our client with warm and responsible attitude;
    • provide perfect and complete management system to our staff;
    • provide a stable and harmonious work environment to our staff;
    • provide a fair competitive system with clear award and punishment system to our staff;
    • Transatlantic is a wonderful stage for you to develop yourself and realize your dream;
    • no one can drift to success, therefore we constantly prepare and equip ourselves to achieve our defined goals;
    • grow together with our business partners is the rock we build on;
    • we are open-hearted and open-minded for all constructive comments and splendid ideas;
    • execute the plan with revision drives us to higher place;